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Not only does Zoran Properties Inc. manage all aspects of your property, we manage them to perform better. We cut costs, increase efficiencies, improve the quality of service, and enhance the value of every responsibility outsourced to us. Since 1988, property management has been and continues to be a core, uncompromising priority of our firm.

Become More Efficient

Become More Efficient
  • Condominium property management
  • Residential rental property management
  • Commercial, industrial property management
  • Retail property management
  • Facilities management

Cut Costs Dramatically

Cut Costs Dramatically
  • Reserve fund planning
  • First year budget development
  • Extended budget planning forecasting
  • Asset management and development

Enhance Your Property Value

Enhance Your Property Value
  • Renovations and value enhancement
  • Energy conservation and efficiency assessment
  • Distressed property rehabilitation
  • Planning and design of maintenance program
  • Correction of construction deficiencies

We conduct our duties consistent with the requirements of the Condominium Act, Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Corporation and with Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws as they pertain to the operation of the Corporation and of the Property.