Development Overview

Zoran Properties Inc. is the conglomeration of numerous successful property management companies whom have come together under one auspice to provide the best property management company available today. Collectively, for over 30 years we have built strong leadership and committed work ethics to provide such successful partnership with property owners in ensuring their piece of mind.

Today, we manage over 4,500 Residential units, and Commercial/Industrial portfolio in excess of 500,000 square feet of space across Greater Toronto Area from condominiums to commercial and industrial units. These include high and low rise residential buildings, town homes, commercial offices, medical buildings, plazas and rental apartments.

Now a new era begins. To continue our leadership and to respond to the demands of business today, we’ve brought a far – sighted approach to the workings of our own company. With new systems in place and a sense of excitement at just how far they will take us, we are bringing you the most sophisticated and cutting-edge management strategies in the industry.

We have taken a bold new direction in the way we work- how we serve our clients, how we deal with our contractors, how we foster creativity and dedication in our employees.

The goal was clearly set out to transform ourselves into a customer- focused organization that consistently delivers on our promise to the people we serve. How did we plan to accomplish this? Thorough a team based approach that not only offers our clients a consistent level of experience and accessibility, but encourages our own people to think of themselves as a driving force that’s greater that its individual parts.